Hey Eye Care Professional!

You have been sent to this page because someone told you that you could receive referrals from providers who are conducting color deficiency screenings.

Well, whoever sent you here is right!

Why would a Primary or Post Acute Care Provider offer color deficiency screenings?

  •  – About 15% of us will develop a color deficiency as we age.
  •  – Color deficiency is a strong predictor of age-onset forms of blindness.
  •  – Patients who receive a color deficiency screening will be referred to a doctor  an optometrist or ophthalmologist sooner than they would have been previously.
  •  – More than half of patients have not had a recent eye exam
       (An annual eye exam is recommended for patients over 65!).

Here are the benefits for you:

– Increased revenue through referrals from Primary or Post-Acute Care Providers
– Color deficiency screening can be completed at a care center, in a doctor’s waiting room or even at home and the benefit to you is that it saves you time before the patient even arrives at your office! 
– You are providing more services for your patients, because those who are seen sooner can potentially avoid unnecessary injury and illnesses that can often be attributed to age-onset forms of blindness1

– The SolutionsInLowVision online color test automatically sends the results of any color test taken to your email (if you choose), and also shows you where referrals to your practice for color screenings are coming from


And we’re currently building out a bunch of features within SolutionsInLowVision that go way beyond color testing, including:

 – Continued support for your staff to provide services to patients identified with an age-onset form of blindness.
 – On-line resources for staff to reference as they begin to work with patients with low vision.
 – Support for your billing department to help build revenue in your practice (when needed and applicable).

Depending on the size of your facility or agency, this service has the potential to help you earn hundreds, or even thousands of dollars per month.

But currently, during the time when we’re building out all of these features, you can secure your low monthly rate.

But that’s not all.

We’re also giving you a 1 month trial, at no cost.

We’re so confident that you’re going to really enjoy having this as an offering for your patients that you can join today and try us out for free for the first 30 days, no strings attached.

We’ll show you how to easily earn more from color testing than you’re spending (again, just $49/month) in the first 30 days.

If not, just email us and cancel.  No hard feelings.

So don’t wait.
Join today!

plus a 1 month free trial

1. From the “Aging and vision loss fact sheet” produced by the American Foundation for the Blind