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Why Should an Eye Care Professional offer color vision screening?

  • About 15% of us will develop a color deficiency as we age.
  • Color deficiency is a strong predictor of age-onset forms of blindness.
  • Patients who receive a color deficiency screening will be referred to an optometrist or ophthalmologist sooner than they would have been previously.
  • More than half of patients have not had a recent eye exam
    (An annual eye exam is recommended for patients over 65!).

Here are the benefits for you:

  • Increased revenue by providing color deficiency screening (Screenings average $56 per patient who is referred for further testing).
  • Color deficiency screening can be completed while in the waiting room or even at home before the patient arrives at your office!
  • You can help your patients to avoid unnecessary injury and illnesses that can often be attributed to age-onset forms of blindness1
  • The SolutionsInLowVision online color test automatically sends the results of any color test taken to your email (if you choose), and also shows you where referrals to your practice for color screenings are coming from